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At PT ACI, we provide high quality raw materials, sourced from leading global manufacturers.

Step forward together with our ongoing innovations, bringing the right experience, offering the right product.


Our Office

Komplek Ruko Mahkota Mas Blok E no. 21
Jl. MH. Thamrin, Cikokol – Tangerang 15117

Paint Industry

  • Resin, Petroleum Resin C5, C9, Maleic resin , etc
  • Filler : Calcined Clay, Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), etc
  • Other : Glassbeads, Pearls pigments, etc

Rubber Industry

  • Polymer : BR, NBR, HS, EVA etc
  • Filler : Silica powder, Calcined Clay, TiO2, etc
  • Accelerator dan Antioxidant
  • Additives : processing aid (homogenizer, dispersing agents, flow agents, etc)

Plastic Industry

  • Filler : Calcined Clay, Precipitated calcium carbonate, etc
  • Additive : Biodegradable agent, etc


PT ACI is committed to high quality products and high standard customer service. We understand the disparate needs of our customers, and work closely with them to fulfill the technical specification.



  • Compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Implementing an effective quality management system for continual improvement within the organization.
  • Developing and entrusting competent personnel to realize our set quality objectives.

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